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Manufacturers of Food for Dogs, Cats and Ferrets

About us

Manufacturers of food for dogs, cats and ferrets since 1985

At Tam Can we are manufacturers of food for dogs, cats and ferrets. Our aim is to improve your pet’s quality of life through food so that they grow strong with exclusive formulations.

Tam Can’s different ranges provide the nutrients necessary for our companions to achieve a complete diet at every stage of their development. By providing a healthy, balanced diet that adapts to each stage of their lives, we will improve their wellbeing.

Tam Can: Dog Food Manufacturers

We are strongly committed to the welfare of animals and their families. That’s why we invest in sourcing the best formulations to give your dog what it needs at the right time in its life. In addition, we try to offer our products at a competitive price to make life easier for owners.

The success of our products is guaranteed by the quality of the raw material, a balanced formula and an optimal extrusion process, i.e. ingredient, recipe and cook. Based on this premise, Tam Can offers a range of products for dogs as wide as our customers’ tastes, preferences and needs. 

Within Tam Can’s wide range of dog food you can find food for puppies, for sporting dogs or light food, among others.

Tam Cat:

Cats Food Manufacturers

We have created the Tam Cat to offer your cat everything it needs. We know how difficult it is to please our feline and that finding a balanced, complete and appetising formula is almost impossible. However, at Tam Cat we have managed to develop a recipe that ensures your cat is cared for inside and out.

Tam Cat: fabricantes de comida para gatos

Thanks to Tam Can, we achive that our our feline gets all his nutritional needs, regenerates and strengthens his muscles and joints, with a flavour that he will love from the very first moment.

Tam Hon:

Ferret Food Manufacturers

We complet our ranges with Tam Hon, which provides optimal nutrition for your ferret. 

We provide all the necessary protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals in a formula specifically formulated for ferrets.

Because of ferrets are carnivorous animals with a very short digestive tract, the food has to be made up of easily digestible proteins. We are aware of this need and have developed Tam Hon taking into account their specific characteristics to always offer the best to our ferret.

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